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Lisa Hawkyard is a Positive Mindset and Confidence Coach who has created Absolute Life System to guide people to their Absolute Life. The system is a comprehensive guide that overall promotes a better you and provides the tools to focus on self-awareness and what is already within and is based around The Law of Attraction and a positive mindset aiding you to grow internally and adapt to external changes whatever the circumstances may be. The whole focus is a YOU.

Lisa was born in Merseyside in 1969 and was raised there and in West Yorkshire. She is a Mum and Step-Mum to three teenagers and lives with her partner, Tony, in Essex, UK. Her career began as a Nanny and Nursery Nurse in West Yorkshire before moving around London and Essex to continue in Childcare. 

After marriage, children and divorce, Lisa chose a change of career and trained to become a Driver Trainer coaching many individuals to pass their Driving Test.  During this period that she observed that the more self-confident a pupil was from within, the easier and more relaxed they were at moving forward with taking the actual practical test and the incredible difference that made to their confidence outside the car. The car was merely a tool to the self-development of the pupil.



As you think – So you become.

−Lisa Hawkyard

In 2012, Lisa underwent extensive Spinal Fusion and Costoplasty to correct Scoliosis – surgery that is on a par with the severity of open heart surgery.  Unable to work for two years, Lisa began to question her career choices. She was  determined to return to as near-normal life despite the limitations that the surgery had caused but was also incredibly grateful to have survived and was able to walk.

After returning to Driver Training, it soon became apparent that her passion was in the Personal Development of an individual rather than the coaching of a new driver. With that in mind, Lisa began to research which avenue to take and having always been of a positive nature was drawn towards The Law of Attraction and The Secret which features the modern day Philosopher, Bob Proctor. His style of delivery and clear methods inspired her to study and complete the Proctor Gallagher Institute Coaching Course which created the opportunity to personally study with Bob and other Philosophers Sandra Gallagher and Mary Morrisey in Toronto and LA. Having also been coached by Success and Happiness expert, Alexandra Watson, here in the UK and coupled with a vast array of personal life experiences and continual study Lisa created Absolute Life System.
Ideas have been developed to change the mindset which brings a feeling of release and happiness. Lisa believes that every person has the right, no matter what their personal circumstances are to realise how unique and important they are and to become the person that they want to be.
The more we are aware of ourselves and who we are makes for a more positive and happy individual.
Any changes must come from within with self-recognition, awareness and an expression of feelings. 

To understand the energy that exists all around us makes for a more balanced life.

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