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Listen to your heart

Listen to your heart.

With every beat of your heart, life is being pumped through you.

If we truly think about that for a moment, how incredible is it that that pure beat and rhythm is the on/off switch to us being here or not.

So, with that in mind I would like to share with you how I came to be the person that I am now. I have had many experiences over the years that, in hindsight, I wish I had had the knowledge, confidence and ability to deal with them differently however it is what it is.

It wasn’t a case of reinventing myself just like that. It was a decision from a huge life change that caused an opportunity to re-evaluate my wants in life.

What was my purpose? Traditionally, we are all programmed to study, gain our grades, perhaps go to college and then off we go to work. I wanted to break my own mould. I had done so prior to this realisation by becoming self-employed and owning a Driving School coaching pupils to become qualified drivers. I gained total satisfaction from this role but the most beneficial aspect was that it was clear, during the eleven years, how it became instinctive to sense what the pupil was feeling.

My original tutor, Fred, often commented about being “at one” with the car and the pupil. Over time, through experience I understood what that meant. The new me chooses to see this as intuitively sensing the energy shifts within the confined space of the vehicle. It’s fascinating and created an ability to avoid several dangerous situations and sense the pupil’s reactions before they even realised the energy that was being released.

It was suggested on a number of occasions by various people that I should become a Coach of a certain description, yet to be found, that would resonate with me – I had no understanding whatsoever of that concept. It scared me. How could I possibly guide others on their life choices when mine could have been more carefully plotted? It was hard to think that the testing and unsettled waters that was my past could actually benefit others – little did I know it was the moving forward that would serve others.

The crunch came after life-changing surgery. Having lived with Idiopathic Scoliosis since the age of twelve and many years of despising my physical being. Unnecessary throw away comments had struck me to the core regarding the abnormal shape of my back and ribcage and the pain had become unbearable. After much research and fear filled appointments, I chose to opt for Spinal Fusion and Costoplasty despite being told several years before that I was too old – I was only forty-two. Time had been wasted and I wasn’t prepared to lose any more. If this procedure did not take place, I would be guaranteed a future in a wheelchair as the curvature continued to worsen and effect normal breathing as it added pressure to a lung at a steady rate.

My main concern was how my family would cope. My partner was so supportive despite the risks as metal rods were to be screwed and tweaked to straighten the spine plus ribcage reconstruction to bring a balance to a twisted torso. This procedure is on a par with open-heart surgery.

Signing the permission form was the most unnerving action I have ever taken. To know I may not walk again or even wake up was unnerving. I had to follow my heart on this one. My life was now in the hands of the Surgeon…